The history of a land that has been able to maintain ancient traditions while moving forward toward innovative processes. Each town carries out research on its traditions and how to preserve them, and at the same time each one develops new strategies for example on renewable energy and energy saving. There is a general level of attention towards these contemporary issues.

The local population will welcome you warm heartedly. Arriving in the Madonie is a fascinating experience: behind an apparently rugged look , you will meet people that are hospitable and will go out of their way to help. Just walk into a local café or a small shop or even around town and ask for help or suggestions: you will always find people more than happy to help and even show you how to reach a certain destination if necessary.

Contemporary events and traditional events……during the summer there are daily quality events, and each town is home to two different  type of festivals. There are those strongly bonded to local traditions, such as the “Ballo della Cordella” in Petralia Sottana, the “Walnut Fest” in Polizzi Generosa, or the “Giostra dei Ventimiglia” in Geraci. And then there are more modern festivals, dedicated to music, cinema and theatre. And of course there are the religious events. Each town hosts events according to the calendar of the Roman Catholic Lithurgy, but there are also many minor events and processions, that are profoundly rooted in the local population. All these events will make you realize once again that the Madonie area is truly a place where time has a different meaning!

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