The project

I am a landscape architect. I am more that happy to be your host because my desire is to promote Sicily, a land full of contradictions but gifted with enormous opportunities to be discovered.
I own two homes, one in Cefalù and one in Petralia Sottana, where I offer experiential tourism.

By organizing “mare-monti” (literally “sea and mountain”) vacations my goal is reveal these two different aspects of Sicily to my guests.

I love studying, dancing and travelling with my family. We consider ourselves true travelers!
That is the reason why we strive to make our homes as warm and welcoming as possible for guests.

For all of us, welcoming people is a way of experiencing the world by staying at home!

Link to: Casa a CefalùLink to: Casa a Petralia Sottana

The Madonie park

The Madonie Park: a destination where everything you experience can make your vacation unique!

In the heart of the Mediterranean you will find…

Uncontaminated nature, examples of unique architecture, festivals and traditions, music, theatre, cultural activities, sport, nature and genuine cuisine…
and the feeling of being in a place where time truly has slowed down…

Keep in Touch

To book or to get any info, just ring or email me

(+39) 366 6862230

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