The project

My name is Nicoletta Carini and I’m a landscape architect involved in experiential tourism. I live in the city of Palermo and have two holiday homes that I personally take care of (one in Petralia Sottana and one in Cefalù) and rent. My guests can freely decide if they wish to take advantage of my virtual consulting services, that consist in the possibility of receiving directions, suggestions, maps and documents , so as to experience the authentic life in a small Sicilian “borgo” (town), and the infinite possibilities that such towns hold.
Every guest represents an occasion to further study and learn from these places.
I team up with partners in each town, so groups can be organized upon request, within a local system of a greater dispersed hotel.

Some notes on the two borghi / towns:


Petralia Sottana

Cefalù is a seaside town with a beautiful sand beach within the town itself. It is one of the three locations within the UNESCO Arab-Norman World Heritage Area. Just a few kms away from Palermo and Monreale, it is a great place to spend a few days on the Mediterranean Sea and visit all three locations.

There are many points of interest, from the world famous “Rocca” the dramatic hill that dominates the town to the well-know Mandralisca Museum to the innumerous picturesque street corners that you will see simply walking through town.

An ideal vacation for resting, good and genuine food, culture and a bit of “dolce vita”.

Petralia Sottana is a small town located 1000 mt. above sea level in the heart of the “Madonie” Park. It is a typical hilltop village,  and full of many points of interest. From the urban geological trail, to the breathtaking Belvedere on the main piazza, to the interesting Antonio Collisani Geologial Museum, and the visit of the numerous churches lined along the corso.
It can also be a starting point for visiting the wonderful nearby towns (Castellana Sicula, Polizzi Generosa, Petralia Soprana, Geraci, Gangi)  that offer unique experiences, taking a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Imperial Villa in Piazza Armerina or simply walking along the trails in the Madonie Park.

An ideal vacation for peace, tranquility, good and genuine food, culture and quietness.

Our guests are welcome to book both homes, and actually it is something we strongly suggest!

The two homes that we offer are:
I colori delle Madonie (Petralia Sottana) and I colori al Mare (Cefalù).

Both are within the historic cores of the two towns, and have been renovated according to local building traditions, with particular attention to introducing all necessary tech upgrades.
We offer service at hotel level (all bed linen and bath towels are washed by professional laundry services, bathroom products, minibar, 32” flat screen TV, internet connection) but with all the comfort and freedom of living in a home!!
Both homes have living areas that are spacious, comfortable and functional.
For indepth descriptions, please click on the links to the two homes.

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